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Opening Autumn 2016

The Collider Activity Center is a multi-functional office building and gathering place for the most active and innovative people in Sofia. It is no coincidence that the location of the building is Sofia Tech Park – the first tech park in Bulgaria, focused on science and innovation.

Interested in renting an office, retail area, parking space or storage unit? Check out what the Collider has to offer. The building is divided in a way that allows for renting out a single lot, or an entire floor – it all depends on your specific business needs.

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The Collider’s modern design makes it one of the most interesting buildings in Sofia. Its interior is edgy, yet a perfect gathering place for both formal and casual meetings.


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The Collider is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring a comfortable environment for all of its visitors. Check out all of the details surrounding the Collider – from the building’s elevators to its facade.

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