Collider is looking for a GC of the building structure

Collider Facade (2014-11-20)

Beginning of November 2014 Walltopia announced an open tender procedure via for the construction of Collider Activity Center. The contractor is supposed to execute ground zero and rough construction works for the project.

The project is an innovative concept for a modern activity center, which brings together a lot of different functions, each of them part of the Walltopia group portfolio, in the territory of Sofia Tech Park – a higher technologies complex in the city of Sofia. The contemporary look, functionality and modern building installations ensure that Collider Activity Center becomes a main city center of attraction and an architectural landmark as well.

The structural system of the building is based on monolithic reinforced concrete slabs and columns with drop panels. The amount of excavation works is approximately 15500 м3. The building will have a mat-slab foundation without construction joints. It is one level below grade 0.00 and from 4 to 6 levels above the ground 0.00. The approximate volume of concrete works is 9500 м3 and reinforcement works is 1100 tons.

The tender documentation can be found on and contractors can apply there. The whole tender procedure itself will take place on .

Collider Structure (2014-11-20)

Collider Activity Center has moved to Sofia Tech Park!

One year after the competition, the big news is that the Collider Activity Center has moved to a better location in Sofia Tech Park, for which we have signed a contract on March 28th, 2014. This is an innovative cluster of high technology companies and will include various laboratories and R&D centers for IT, prototyping and production, as well as business incubator for startups, a forum/convention center, and educational science center. Walltopia believes that this is a great location for the Collider Activity Center and will help us find better partners in an innovative environment, which will “collide” active people, scientists and businessmen.

Although the location of the Collider Activity Center has changed, the vision of the winning project of Mars Architects has stayed the same and we aim to make the building from last year’s competition that we love most.


We plan to start construction this summer and we will put separate tenders for the building at auxionize , which is an innovative online platform for reverse auctions. Currently the project has moved to technical phase and we are looking to hire engineering companies to design the HVAC, electrical, fire safety, plumbing and sewerage systems. If you are interested to offer your design and engineering services, please contact Vasil Sharlanov, project manager of the Collider Activity Center and Head of Design and Architecture department in Walltopia (email – vasil.sharlanov [ at ]

Announcing the Winners!

award ceremony

Thanks to everybody that took part in our competition and made it such a great experience for us! From all registered teams, we have received 369 projects from 63 countries (more info here). Today we have announced the winning projects in special award ceremony in Sofia.

The jury was in Sofia between March 7 and March 10 and had a great challenge to judge all projects. The first day was a review of all submitted projects where the jury voted whether the project should continue into the next stage or not. Each member had the chance to nominate additional projects even if they did not collect enough votes and in that way bring them back to the table of discussions. On the following day there was a rigorous debate over the shortlist and in the end the following 5 awards were given by the jury:

1Astudio cover

145 FISSURE 04

  • Fissure Team, Spain (Ignacio Gias, Javier Lorenzo-Garvin, Ana Vida)


  • I/O Architects, Bulgaria (Georgi Kutov, Vyara Zhelyazkova, Stefan Apostolov, Bozhidara Vulkova, Mariya Gyaurova, Boris Tikvarski, Andrei Pachilova, Martina Radeva)


  • Mars Architects & Intoarch, The Netherlands / Bulgaria (Neville Mars, Etienne Mares, Yuval Zohar, Anitra Baliga, Rumiana Tiholova, Elina Malinova)

283 Radionica_Arhitekture_TV_PROJECTOR_Page_1

Among the 5 winners, Walltopia has chosen to build the project of

Mars Architects + Intoarch

We are very happy with the results and looking forward to building the first Collider Activity Center. We will keep you updated with the design and construction process.

Deadline Extension

We are experiencing technical issues due to overload of our servers and WE ARE EXTENDING THE DEADLINE TO 1st MARCH, 17:00h (Bulgarian Time).

You can also send your project by email if you wish and we will upload it to the server manually.

If you call by phone, our office will open in 8am Bulgarian time.

If you ask for a confirmation for your project submission, please be patient since we need to process hundreds of competition entries.

Thank you for your understanding!


We are happy to inform you that 566 participants from 79 countries have registered in the competition and we are very excited to see their projects!

All participants should have received individual ftp accounts with user name and password. If you haven’t received one yet, inform us at You can open your account with  windows explorer or other free ftp client and you will see a blank folder, where you can copy-paste your files. Please include both pdf and jpg files of all boards, as well one cover image, which we will use as front image for our online gallery. The competition is not anonymous and you must have your team name on the boards.

You must upload your files by the end of February 28. If you plan to send printed boards or models, we must receive them by March 7 at latest, because that is when the jury arrives in Sofia. However, you still have to upload the same boards digitally by the end of February 28 in order the jury to get acquainted with the projects in advance. The jury will have only two days in Sofia to judge 500+ submissions and that is why it is crucial to review the projects in advance and make initial selection in the week between March 1 and March 7.

If you send only digital files, they will be shown to they jury on HD projectors and 40′ HD tv screens.

The winners of the competition will be announced on March 14 on a special award ceremony in Sofia. More details about it will be available later.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook page. We will upload all projects there!

Important Additional Materials

We have made a massive update of the downloads section. They now also include:


Reference Projects


In the Funtopia Brochure you can find some sample layouts. In the Ropetopia brochure you can get some ideas about our rope courses. Don’t forget to check out most recent projects. The Collider Activity Center is a sample project that we have developed for MAPIC exhibition. Even though it is  not meant to be built and doesn’t include all the functions listed in the competition, it is still a good reference and might answer some of your questions about the project assignment.

Jury Update – Paul de Vroom from DKV Architecten

IMG_0049_sofiaDKV Architecten has its base in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and is led by the partners Roel Bosch, Herman de Kovel and Paul de Vroom. From its inception in 1984 the office has realized a sequence of projects in the fields of housing, urban planning, commercial and public building which have been received with acclaim in their homeland and abroad. In the course of time DKV worked on projects in and near Barcelona, in Scandinavia, Germany and Belgium. At the moment a large housing district is being implemented in Greater Moscow. DKV is known for its analytical wording method based on typological models.

Paul de Vroom has graduated with honours at the TU-Delft. After a close involvement in the first three years of OMA-Rotterdam he co-founded DKV. He is visiting professor at the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and also teached and lectured at the other universities and academies of Holland. Furthermore he gives lectures and is involved in workshops in many places abroad, from cities like Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Toronto to Madrid, Milan, Karslruhe, Bucarest, Sofia, Moscow and Dushanbé (Kyrgistan). Paul de Vroom lives and works simultaneously in Rotterdam and Barcelona, Catalunya, a region were he frequently is involved in lecturing, teaching and investigation. Furthermore he has been jury member for several international workshops and awards. He has been guest-editor of British magazine Time-Based Architecture and member of the editorial staff of the Dutch architectural magazine Forum.

Повече за журито – Райнхард Йокс от Фостър + Партньори

0361 NY 080303 d-85foster-partners-logo

Райнхард Йокс, архитект и партньор във Фостер + Партньори, вече потвърди участието си в нашето жури!

Йокс учи архитектура в Университета в Карлсруе в Германия и се дипломира през 1985г. След завършване на образованието си той работи първо във Виена, а след това и в           Кьолн по няколко жилищни и офис проекти.

Присъединява се към Фостер + Партньори в Германия през 1994 и първоначално работи по проект Микро Електроник Център в Дуисбург. Участва още от началните етапи на проектиране до по-късните етапи, работейки по детайлни чертежи с отдела за конструкции. По-късно изготвя архитектурния проект на Музея за дизайн в Есен и става сътрудник през 1996г.

Като началник на офиса в Дюселдорф той ръководи проект на Араг. Координира дизайна и  чертежите, както и производството и координацията на проекта на 30 етажна офис сграда с площ 30 000м². Сред следващите негови сгради е спечелилата награда Герлинг Ринг Каре в Кьолн, за която е изготвил дизайн за 59 000 кв.м на смесена висока и ниска архитектура; сградата на SMS Демаг в Дюселдорф.

Повишен в директор през 2001г, той работи по нови    високи сгради в Холандия и големи проекти в Европа и Близкия Изток. Сред последните му проекти са еко-селището Блек Сий Гардънс в България, сгради със смесена употреба в Сингапур, Триполи и Баку. В момента е ангажиран с проекта за новото международно летище в Кувейт, чиято цел е увеличаване на капацитета и създаване на нов регионален хъб в района на Персийския залив. Направен е партньор през 2005г.

Space Design Boulder

Have look at the Space Design Boulder that we presented at OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen 2012.

The interior climbing walls and boulders in the Collider Activity Center will most likely be Space Design, although we are open to suggestions by the participants. The exterior facade climbing wall can be any kind of design including a completely new type that the participants suggest as a climbing surface.